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Humidity and temperature testing chambers supplied across the UK and Ireland by Nexia Scientific Ltd. For details, contact our team today.

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  • Minimum external measurements due to compact method of construction

  • Optimised parameters for highest testing precision

  • Minimum noise level

climatic test chamber

In addition to the advantages of our CTS temperature test chambers, CTS climatic test cabinets also offer you the option of including humidity as a stress factor in your simulation tests.


Humidity is measured by a capacitive humidity sensor giving high accuracy, long-term stability and low maintenance requirements. CTS places great value on quality in all its system components, and are rigorous about using only the best suppliers for components such as compressors and solenoid valves. This results in significant benefit for you in terms of long-term, malfunction-free operation, ensuring that you do not lose valuable testing time.

Standard version of the C line:


  • Multicolour touch panel / 32-bit controller

  • Service-friendly capacitive humidity measurement system

  • Single-hand operated door handle, lockable

  • Entry port ø 50 mm

  • Stainless steel shelf

  • Error display in plain text

  • Potential free contact for malfunction signal

  • Ethernet interface


With a range of climatic test chambers available to businesses in the UK and Ireland, you can count on the expertise of Nexia Scientific Ltd.

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