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Vibration test chambers are essential for many products. Nexia Scientific Ltd provides a broad range of test equipment throughout the UK and Ireland.

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The CTS temperature and climatic vibration test cabinets can be combined with all common types of shakers, whether vertical or horizontal vibration. The modular, standardized CTS components offer you a huge range of options when performing your tests, ensuring the test meets your requirements. We can also supply complete systems with shaker on request.

  • Minimum external measurements due to compact method of construction

  • Optimised parameters for highest testing precision

  • Minimum noise level

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Standard version of the TV/CV line:


  • Multi-colour touch panel / 32 bit controller

  • Service-friendly capacitive humidity measurement system (CV)

  • Single hand operated door handle, lockable

  • 2 entry ports, ø 125mm

  • Stainless steel shelf

  • Error display in plain text

  • Potential free contact for malfunction signal

  • Ethernet interface


Nexia Scientific Ltd supplies vibration test chambers to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. Call us today to let us know what you need.

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