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If your products need to survive rapid or extreme temperature changes, Nexia Scientific Ltd can supply test chambers. We serve the UK and Ireland.

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  • Minimum external measurements due to compact method of construction

  • Optimised parameters for highest testing precision

  • Minimum noise level

thermal shock chamber transparent

The CTS temperature shock test cabinets allow temperature change rates of up to 100 Kelvin in one minute. The most common national and international standards are fulfilled (DIN, IEC, MIL). The compressed air drying system allows up to 3000 test cycles at minimum power consumption without defrosting.

Standard version of the TSS line:


  • Multicolour touch panel / 32 bit controller

  • Single-hand operated door handle, lockable

  • Entry port ø 50 mm

  • Observation window

  • Air dryer system to avoid freezing in long time testing

  • Shelf, stainless steel

  • Error display in plain text

  • Potential free contact for malfunction signal

  • Ethernet interface


If you need further information about the thermal shock chambers available from Nexia Scientific Ltd, get in touch. Serving the UK and Ireland

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