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Scientist in laboratory working with cryogenics


Reliable and simple to operate temperature test chambers supplied to businesses across the UK and Ireland. Contact the team at Nexia Scientific Ltd.

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The CTS T series is distinguished by technical advantages as well as attractive design. The temperature test chambers in this series have high temperature change rates, simple programming on a colour touchscreen panel, and extremely low noise levels. They are designed as modular units allowing a custom solution for nearly every requirement profile. The T series offers:

  • Minimum external measurements due to compact method of construction

  • Optimised parameters for highest testing precision

  • Minimum noise level

Temperature Test Chamber

Standard version of the T line:


  • Multicolour touch panel / 32 Bit Controller

  • Single-hand operated door handle, lockable

  • Entry port ø 50 mm

  • Shelf, stainless steel

  • Error display in plain text

  • Potential free contact for malfunction signal

  • Ethernet interface


Talk to the team at Nexia Scientific Ltd for more information about our temperature test chambers. We supply businesses across the UK and Ireland.

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